1. This is an English speaking server,
if you don't speak English you can get gagged/muted.
2. Respect players/admins at all times.
3. Propsurfing is allowed.
4. Map exploitation is allowed.
5. You are not allowed to exploit the map in such a way that you are impossible to get tagged by a seeker.
6. Behavior in #5 includes doorspamming, breaking props that are used to get on a specific place.
7. The highest admin decision counts.
8. Do not question certain decisions made by any Staff member, especially if you're not involved.
9.No ghosting.
10.No spamming or harassing other players.
11.No porn, gore or disturbing sprays/avatars/content.
12.No RDM.
13.No false KOS.
10. For any further questions refer to